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Speaker at Workshop at #DevconVI

Workshop Purchase of ENS + Creation of NFT + Avatar Setup

Oct 18, 2022 was an amazing day for me at the Agora Convention Center in Bogota 🇨🇴!

The #ENS is one of the features of ETH that I like the most, every day I discover new uses, so since I saw that in the DEVCON Bogota they were going to give cards with your avatar to those who had their ENS I ran and uploaded my avatar that the geniuses of @5seis gave me.

The first two days of the @efdevcon many people who crossed me liked my avatar and did not know how to do it, between @michelleanmar and I helped about 20 people one by one to buy the ENS and configure the avatar and then we were invited to give this workshop with @NFTforWorld in the Women Leaders In Web3 space of the #DEVCONBogota.

The people were amazing, they asked me questions, some of them I corrected the code that had some extra characters and it didn't work for them. There were people who didn't speak Spanish, so I also explained in English and they understood 💫

This trip was a daily #unlock of a bigger goal day by day!

Thanks Totales #Web3 and all the nice people I met in #Argentina🇦🇷 it always means to have a friend in every destination @mujeresncrypto @criptoecosystem @defilatam!

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